By Train

Senseki Line
Sendai to Ishinomaki (about 1 hour 20 minutes)
Senseki Tohoku Line (Express)
Sendai to Ishinomaki (the quickest at 54 minutes)

time schedules

By Bus

Miyakoh Bus (Sendai to Ishinomaki, operating about twice an hour)
time schedules

By car

15 minutes from Ishinomaki Kanan exit on Sanriku Expressway.

Parking Space

The 2011 earthquake and tsunami have caused less parking to be available in the city center. For visitors to the Ishinomori Manga Museum, the area further behind the Museum at the northern tip of the island is free of charge to park in. Please check the map above for the red P mark.


Though when the free parking space is full, we ask that you park your car in a toll parking lot in the surrounding areas. These parking lots are marked blue in the map above.

When the free parking area is full, we ask that you park your car in a paid car park in the surrounding area (marked in blue in the map above). Above is a list of parking lots. For museum visitors using these car parks the first hour will be free of charge. Please show your parking ticket at the museum first floor information booth.