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Ishinomori Manga Museum is located on Nakaze at the mouth of Kitakami River, flowing through Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture. The museum was named “Mangattan” because Nakaze looks familiar to Manhattan, New York when observed from above. The main purpose of Manga Museum is the growth of rich sensibility and creativity through manga as a medium of creativity, a form of media, and internationality. Also, playing a role as “the center of a city united through manga” where, people gather and interact spontaneously. Secondly, to become a facility at the center of the world to send information about manga culture and Japanese culture as well. Manga Museum is composed of “Interaction,” “Exhibition,” “Popularity/Education,” “Collection/Archiving,” “Investigation/Research” and “Service.”
“The Manga Declaration,” was the root of Shotaro Ishinomori’s creations. It is Ishinomori’s idea of manga’s potential as a medium of expression. Based on this idea, the Manga Museum aims for an exhibition filled with amusement and movement, showing not only current exhibitions and special exhibitions, original anime theaters, multimedia studio where visitors can experience the creation of anime but also, events and workshops held inside and outside of the museum.