Movie theater on the first floor

About halfway up the slope from the first floor entrance to the second floor, is the movie theater. Here you can enjoy manga museum original videos.

Showtime schedule


  • Showtime schedules may change without notice.
  • During winter (December to February), the final show will start at 16:40.
  • When seating for Seajetter Kaito: Special Edition is completely full, the next shows Ryujinnuma and Kieta Akazukin-chan starting at 40 minutes past the hour may be cancelled.

About the movies

As of now, Ishinomori Manga Museum shows 3 features screening at 10 and 40 minutes past the hour. All movies are about 15 minutes long. Please note that the movie theater is part of the paid zone. We ask that you show your tickets or annual passports to the staff when entering the theater. Please come and enjoy these movies when visiting the Manga Museum.

Seajetter Kaito: Special Edition [About 15 minutes]

A live action film of Ishinomaki’s very own hero, Seajetter Kaito is on show at the museum’s movie theater. This movie, created by the production staff from the Kamen Rider series with a star-studded cast, created for Shotaro Ishinomori’s 75th birthday, and can only be seen here at the museum. The theme songs are also by famous artists, not only Seajetter Kaito (song by Masaaki Endo), Fumetsu no Hero Seajetter Kaito (song by Hironobu Kageyama, Masaaki Endo, Hiroshi Kitadani) but also the featured song in the movie, Tatakae!! Seajetter Kaito is produced and sung by Ichiro Mizuki. Seajetter Kaito: Special Edition is screened every day at the museum, movie theater. Please come and enjoy the movie when visiting.

Ryujinnuma [About 15 minutes]

The story begins when the main character, Ken’ichi from Tokyo, visits a mountain village to see the Ryujin Festival. At the village, Ken’ichi is reunited with the girl Yumi, who secretly harbors feelings for Ken’ichi. He, though, falls for a mysterious girl he meets at Ryujinnuma Lake. Soon Ken’ichi is caught up in a conspiracy of the village mayor.

Kieta!? Akazukin-chan The Disappearance of Little Red Riding Hood [About 14 minutes]

Leaving behind nothing but a scream, Akazukin-chan disappears from Ishinomaki Station. Robocon, Tamageta-kun, and Chobin all get jobs to earn money for the ransom, but….
The kidnap is connected to Dr. Deppa’s plans for world domination and the story takes an unexpected turn! An original animated film featuring Ishinomori characters actually in Ishinomaki.
Find out what will become of Little Red Riding Hood….